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18 May 2017


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Harry, whenever there's a perceived power vacuum, someone will always seek to take advantage.

This whole situation however highlights the perceived deficiencies of the Australian police deployment. Over 70 police being paid for by Australia at a huge expense but that clearly isn't providing what the Commissioner wants.

Why is that I wonder?

Forgetting that normal protocols relating to appointment for these cowboys to exercise police powers as duly delegated auxiliary police officers would not necessary have been granted nor that civilians are not normally allowed to carry firearms in public without being officially authorised to do so, these cowboys may need to have their passports and return air tickets at the ready as well as a fueled up fast get away car on hand in case things go awry especially when some of the other disgruntled boys in blue feel aggrieved that their authority is being side winded and step in.
Mr Baki might also be wise to have his bags packed as well as some of the boys in green feel they might also have to step in and sort things out.
Oh poor old PNG.
What is it about that place that it always seems to attract carpetbaggers and snake oil salesmen intend on looting and pillaging whats left of that beautiful country?

Harry. 'Tis just another bunch of imitation cowboys on a rorting and scamming trip.

If true, this lot is certainly a mob of cowboys toting six guns.
You know what they used to say about missionaries, "First they come with the bible then later the gun." Seems like deju vu to me.

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