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22 May 2017


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we are looking for Papua New Guineans to read our Crocodile Prize web page and facebook accounts. Johanna portrays a dilemma that is all too often here in PNG. We just cannot get together, like minded people to discuss ways and ideas to share on writing scripts or reading poetry. It is difficult in Port Moresby, even more harder outside.
Johanna can do well to subscribe to the crocodile prize facebook, and we'll try to assist. If I do get a trip to Lae, I will try to look the esteemed person up. In the meantime, we can converse via fb.
Writing well is a universal ill in PNG - brought on by the advent of the OBE based curriculum. Those of us who went to school when the three 'r's were the core of the school curriculum and yet still had problems mastering the English tokples, those who went through the OBE curriculum are having much difficulty. We now have teachers with OBE background teaching in schools and that is a recipe for disaster and you gawk at our atrocious written English; you have not heard us speak English yet.
I applaud the valiant efforts of Johanna trying to assist to get us more back to the fundamentals of the three 'r's.
Now as a by side: I might add - For PNG authors, your sentiments on good quality manuscripts still remains a must that we authors must take to heart and put in the hard yarka and secondly we must be willing to take criticisms and suggestions. Editors are lacking on the ground and the few that are providing editorial assistance must worth their while.

Thanks Chips.

I messed up Johanna's email address - it should be

An extra 'k' in there.

I am happy to offer her such help as my limited skills might bring, Phil, in assisting her to guide her students to write poetry. I will contact her directly via the email address you have supplied.

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