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25 May 2017


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Paul, I partly agree that there was no effective opposition but O'Neill's continuous lies to the people of Papua New Guinea is everywhere, including lying about the state of the economy.

Just read this one of the switched statements from O'Neill, again giving out some half-truth or false information about the tax increase that I just read here:

Well this is all very well but to raise these matters at the eleventh hour, fifty ninth minute before a General Election is about as much use as the proverbial 'tits on a bull'.

To be able to win an election and lead an effective government requires years of planning and organisation and a united and disciplined team.

Anyone reading the rantings and whinging on this site and others over the last five years seems to have totally missed the obvious.

There has been no effective opposition to the clear corruption and malfeasance that has been allowed to take place to the detriment of the PNG people. No one has been able to demonstrate to the voters, who is responsible and then hold those people accountable.

Can someone, anyone, truthfully say there won't be another five years of the same and then demonstrate how this will be achieved effectively?

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