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02 April 2017


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Accountants, economists, lawyers, engineers, the cream of PNG's top elites have all played a part in ruining this country. None of them is a father figure except Grand Chief Sir Michael Thomas Somare who was a broadcaster and journalist.

You might be also interested to know that after St.Ignatius High the Treasurer went on to completed year 11 and 12 at Sogeri national High and then to UPNG where he gained a Degree in Economics.

Those who vote decide nothing. Those who count the vote decide everything - Josef Stalin

The minister is part of the rundown economic situation in PNG and he should not point the finger at Peter O'Neill.

He should not stand for election again. It would have been better for him to leave the government and join the opposition in the last no confidence motion like his fellow party member, Hon Kerenga Kua did. But he never did.

Sepiks should not vote for Patrick Pruaitch because he is a failed leader who will go back to create even more mess.

Now they all want to be prime minister. What are bunch of fools!

Pruaitch was one of the worst ministers during the Somare government days as forestry minister and later finance - and now treasury minister in O'Neill's tenure.

He defended O'Neill during all the issues O'Neill went through. Now that PNC and this PM is about to sink, PP wants to jump ship, even vie for PM. What a hypocite!

So five years on, folk are told, really, ”it's the economy, stupid”. Who a believe it?

Donations? Task Force Sweep? PSIP/DSIP/LLGSIP acquittals/reports? Services 'rural' deliveries?

There is an old axiom that 'the rats only desert the ship when it's about to sink'.

Is this what we are now seeing?

The Hon Minister's revelation is old news. People of PNG already know, feel, experience and fear an uncertain future.

The Minister has added salt to a huge wound the coalition government has inflicted on the people.

The Minister, to me, looks like a comedian who goes up on stage and washes his own undergarments.

No, he doesn't convince anyone.

It seems it's now time for government ministers to blame one another for their ill doings in running the country into debt.

That they are showing an intention to be the next prime minister is a total disgrace for miserably failed politicians and desperate power hungry leaders.

We encourage such leaders to throw their arrows around to expose their ill doings for the people of Papua New Guineans to know.

Why are they only now speaking out at this very last minute?

It is an indication of failed leadership, and PNG has a debt of K21 billion. What a fool.

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