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01 April 2017


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Time to trigger that wonderful effort of Gareth Evans and others, the Right to Protect path of intervention, perhaps Mathias?

In reply to your observing about the similarity between Oil Search's operations to the old kiap/gavamani system, Robin, if your comment wasn't tongue in cheek, it is because to a large extent it was set up by former members of that august group.

Thats about it. PNG will struggle due to these contrasting social behaviours. These complex habits of the Hulis, Simbu, Tolais etc have always been here and are here to stay.

Development must encompass or take in these aspects of our people, understand them and work within. If you throw your koble in from the door, invite your own kind to implement, and these guys work to their tight schedules and in the end provide some stats, tick all the boxes, goodness we are back at square one.

The churches seem to get their things done and on a tangible basis, why? Because they live within and understand the core of the societies they live it.

On another note there needs to be a complete change in leadership in PNG if we are to improve on our position among the nations of the world.

Can Australia directly have a hand in a change in this corrupt government of Peter O'Neill?

Don't bullshit this sovereignty noise. You all hate corruption and dislike O'Neill for being such a corrupt leader. Why not get into some covert arrangements with identities in PNG and change this government. That's the change we all want don't we?

To encapsulate the settlement populations of disparate cultural origins within a unified gender equity idyll is an almost impossible task.

The presence of such a variety of identities in one place presents a social construct not unlike the current melee in Europe with migration issues, and the press to survive of disenfranchised refugees from foreign societies.

The fact that provincial PNG habitats are unable to sustain development due to deprivation of services coupled with corruption issues perhaps points to needed reform to allow governance and direction to succeed at a more local level.

That the Oil Search CEOis able to stabilise supply and care is not unlike a return to the old kiap era.

The lesson may be there to see though that such a degree of success, temporal as it may be, points the way to national solutions.

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