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10 April 2017


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For those you don't understand Melanesian or Pacific island traditions. Our culture is dying, not just tattooing. In PNG today, young people hardly speak their native languages.

During colonial days tattooing became non-existent because Christian religious leaders deemed village or traditional practices or tribal rituals as incongruous.

I admire what Julia Mage'au Gray and her troupe are doing to promote PNG and Pacific culture as a whole.

I am not sure if traditional tattooing practices will lead to carcinogenicity as little research into traditional practices actually states this. That's just my opinion. I may be wrong.

I am surprised that the practice of tattoing is still being promoted given its carcinogenic status.

Benzoapyrene – used in black tattoo ink – is listed as a carcinogen by the International Agency for Research on Cancer. A study by Copenhagen University Hospital found cancer-causing chemicals in 13 out of 21 commonly used European tattoo inks. The Tattoo Ink Manufacturers of Europe association states that up to 5% of tattoo studios use inks containing carcinogenic components and strongly advocate reducing the presence of these to zero - KJ

Phil, however it occurred the practice of 'true tattooing' is essentially eradicated.

And black texta may look nice but there's nothing like the power of authenticity in the permanent traditional tattoo.

Most palangi's don't understand this - and those who do are thieving other people's traditions - what's new about that?

I'm not sure the claim that "the eradication of our marks took more away from our women than could be understood at the time of the practice was stopped" is actually true.

I don't think there was any conscious effort to ban tattooing. It just evolved that modern women didn't want to do it anymore.

And anyway, black texta makes a fine temporary tattoo for special occasions.

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