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23 April 2017


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Just saw a headline in an online Newspaper.
"A reminder that up to 20 sitting .... MPs are under investigation for electoral fraud."
Newspaper is the UK "Independent",(23rd April 2017) the MPs are "Tory" MPs.
We are not alone!

In Australia and a lot of other developed (and developing) countries a corrupt politician eventually gets caught and is disgraced and does jail time.

Not so in PNG.

Papua New Guineans, especially public servants, love process and formulas. They will follow established rules blindly, even if they are really dumb and pointless.

Maybe PNG needs to set up formal processes and formulas for dealing with miscreant public servants and politicians. These processes could be based on existing laws but not necessarily dependent upon them.

And of course the best organisation to do this this would be an independent commission against corruption.

Perhaps this should be a guiding light for PNG voters. Only vote for candidates who support setting up an ICAC immediately after the election.

I know O'Neill promised one and never delivered so it might be a good idea to get the commitment in writing and a promise to resign if it doesn't happen.

But who am I kidding ....?

I find myself saying, yes, yes, yes, all good points but who is prepared to stand up and make it happen.

The problem is talked about ad infinitum but the answer of how to make it happen seems to elude almost everyone in PNG.

PNG needs a charismatic leader/s and an organisation behind them to actually translate the wishes and desires into practice.

In these circumstances, desperation usually leads to electing yet another version of the same problem. South America and Central America, much of Africa have classic examples of this problem.

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