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04 April 2017


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There are a number of 'red flags' that are being raised by this article.

If the nation's finances are as bad as reported, why hasn't the Treasurer raised this in the past. Surely all those who were responsible and knew about the situation should have blown the whistle. The fact that they didn't damns them as well, either because they didn't know and they should have or because they did know and did nothing.

If there has been some illegal activity, why hasn't a complaint been lodged? Either those that knew of the problems are too scared to do something or say something. They logically therefore lack the necessary qualities of a leader or they would have lodged an official complaint.

If they have in fact lodged a complaint then the legal system isn't working.

The PNG media have either been asleep at the wheel or are too controlled or incompetent to let the people know what is happening to their nation.

Finally, the fact that now everyone (except the PM) now seems to be singing from the same song sheet is all too reminiscent of village politics whereby a leadership challenge is brewing and inevitable. The problem is, no one seems to have any idea of what to do. That situation will surely only lead to a cosmetic change at the top but no difference in policy.

The vast majority of PNG voters are being misled by almost all their leaders who seem to be moribund of any idea of what to do.

That does not auger well for the future after the General election in 2017. That is, if O'Neill doesn't declare some form of emergency and try to stay in power by deferring the election.

Once in five years is an awful long time to have those elected based on their flimsy promises to take the nation further down the road of no return.

Why are those who want to fix this problem not coming up with the plans of how to fix this situation?

The answer is simple. No one wants to tell the people on PNG that they either don't know what to do or that they are afraid to tell their voters what they have patently failed to do. Correctly manage their nation. The correct remedy is just too unpalatable.

The 'missing link' is the disconnection between PNG political leaders and their electors. The problem is one of education and misinformation. Does the PNG PM really believe what he is saying or has he fallen for his own propaganda?

This site has been debating these issues for what now is over a decade. Why hasn't anything tangible been down about the situation? Coming out with all the problems at the eleventh hour, fifty ninth minute is about as mach use the proverbial 'tits on a bull'.

Where are the PNG media? They should be snapping at the heels of all those politicians who have misled the voters and are even now cringing with fear they they too will be found out before the election takes place.

There is a log jam in the river of knowledge. Who will open it up for all PNG to see?

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