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27 April 2017


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As Alexander has said, a good bio of the late Lepani Watson , but I would like to add that the idea of tightening up restrictions on anthropological and other social scientists visits/investigations to the province, the motion was passed unanimously by the Milne Bay Provincial Assembly , the membership of which included the late Dennis Young and myself

Thank you for posting the biography of a great man from the Trobriand Islands.

His contribution to the development of Milne Bay Province, not to mention the Kiriwina constituency when he was the deputy premier and premier in the early 1980s, and input into the national independence movement in the 1960s has somewhat been overlooked over the years.

My late father Otto Rheeney, who worked as an Assistant District Commissioner at Bwagoia (Misima) and Losuia (Kiriwina) in the early and mid-1970s and later Deputy District Commissioner for Milne Bay until 1978, had a lot of respect for Lepani Watson and his pioneering work in Milne Bay and PNG politics.

I still remember meeting this great man in the company of my dad when I was a kid, when we passed through Alotau in the early 1980s on our way to Rossel Island where my mother is from.

Those were special times back then and leaders like Lepani Watson had an aura of patriotism and national consciousness that today's band of leaders lack.

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