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10 April 2017


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Two men have been seriously injured in "brutal attacks" on Manus Island in separate armed robberies overnight, refugee advocates say.

In the first incident, a 27-year-old Sudanese refugee reportedly had his leg cut with a machete in the main town of Lorengau.

This was followed by an attack on a 27-year-old asylum seeker on Sunday morning. The ABC reports that the Iranian man had his wrist cut with a knife when he was robbed on the street.

Both men are said to be in the Lorengau Hospital, with injuries that require specialised treatment.

Do I read a phenomena of .....ugh ah, Toea Wisil can't surely beat us even by .027 of a second, and they cant have the scraps at Manus after we dump them with our refuses. Surely that can't be that very, very transparent.

I think you'll find that the original deal was only supposed to be short term one James. Send the asylum seekers to Manus, assess them quickly and send them on to other countries and then close the place down.

Subsequent bungling and incompetence has prolonged the process.

PNG has every right to be pissed off at the way the Australian government has handled the issue.

Such a shame the agreement was struck by Kevin07.

The arrogance of this apology of a human being, Dutton. Good choice Malcolm.

And, for what its worth, do you want a bet you can dismantle your camp and take it away, Pete?

Where is the entrepreneurial Papua New Guinean who will run these people down to Australia through Torres Strait in an open boat.

I'm sure there are lots of experienced people who will help. They could be hidden under the cargo of marijuana.

And why dismantle the detention centre? It is a fine set of buildings that could be put to good use by the Manus provincial government. More Dutton spite maybe?

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