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03 April 2017


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“This is because the indefeasibility of land titles must be respected at all times otherwise chaos will reign over land throughout the country,” Mr Allen said.

No matter what the system, Indefeasibility cannot be presumed to be conclusive.

Some exceptions to the principle could be: Fraud. Complicity. Carelessness or failure to make proper inquiries. Lack of due diligence (a prudent party ought to have been aware, more so in multi-million dollar deals). Clean hands are essential.

Then there’s the potential to apply a similar reasoning as in the decision by the High Court of Australia per my comment at

Unbelievable. What, five years until now, to say there's still a steep legal climb ahead?
Undeliverable? Time to ditch parlous parliamentarians.

I am totally at one with you, Phil on this. For anyone who has been involved in what used to be called "land work" and is now better known as "social mapping", this is the most ridiculous decision to come out of the O'Neill government for some time. Clearly something more than logging, landownership and mercantile interests must be tied up in this.

That's going to be one hell of a job to sort out. Add a bit of corruption and it will be a nightmare.

Why convert the SABLs to ILGs anyway? Why not just cancel them and let the loggers start negotiating with the landowners. Some of those SABLs are huge and will involve multiple ILGs, not just one.

Why replace one mess with another mess?

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