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08 March 2017


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A missed opportunity for the Crocodile Prize committee member to gain solid advice and suggestion as to steering this year's competition.

The My a Walk to Equality project was planned for and completed within three months. The entire process undertaken by Phil, Keith and I. At last count, 5,000 paperback copies have been purchased. The Kindle editions are quite popular too - this is according to the project's Instagram page that I manage. Open discussion, negotiation and at times, compromise, were required to get the results we have gotten so far.

After all, the book was never about the Keith, Phil and I - but for all Papua anew Guineans and others who wish to learn more about our country and people.

As for invited guests declining the opportunity to be present at the launch - no problem. What I do have an issue with is regular readers and contributors who were well informed of the project from beginning to where it is now. If there was ever any issue with the direction the project was taking, then this blog or via our private emails was to raise your concerns with us. I think I'm well placed in saying that Phil, Keith and I are always open to discussion. But not when the hard work has been done and celebrations are underway. Sori tumas.

The great thing about writing is that although people may treat you badly, you're at the advantage of mining it as an experience, even inspiration, for your next piece of writing. I do it all the time:)

With you Garry Roach: "don't sweat the small stuff!"

I feel like writing a detailed analysis on this, Keith but will suffice with this. What I have learnt in spades from my sojourn in politics is that perception is everything - I would have found a more PNG bush friendly venue for the launch - something like the old Civic Guest house, perhaps if that is still around.

To each his own Peter. The Stanley was a great venue, everyone enjoyed the night and the book was successfully launched. A couple of disgruntled people objected and stayed away. They missed a great event - KJ

I hope the launching of "My Walk to Equality" went well. I thank you and wish you well for your great efforts in promoting PNG literature,
Don't sweat the small stuff.


Blacklisting Rimbunan Hijau businesses in PNG would be like tip toeing through a minefield.

The company has interests in property development, media, retail, shipping, aviation, travel and the financial sector(including banking and several superannuation funds).

I certainly do not question your right to launch your project at any venue you choose however the title 'My Walk to Equality' interests me.

You have just driven the Okuk "Highway" after fifty years and no doubt you were surprised and I would say saddened by the shambles it has allowed to become.

You no doubt saw the highland mammas washing themselves, their kaukau, pikininis and second hand clothes in the gutters on the side of the "highway",

The last 41 years have forgotten these people like the vast majority of PNG citizens. Where is the equality for these people and their children.

The venue for the launch fades in comparison to the obscene unequal distribution of the people's wealth in PNG. A pox on Port Moresby.

The title of the book, of course, refers to a state yet to be attained for PNG women and which not enough people in positions of real power are working hard enough to achieve. There is gross inequality in PNG which people like Terry are doing their best to address. PNG Atttiude has also been drawing attention to this, often very stridently, for all its 11 years of publication - KJ

Hotel Stanley is in PNG, not in Singapore. We should use it by all means. I've been there three times with a friend, and the service provided is great.

The launching of 'My Walk to Equality' on International Women's Day is far greater, and has more impact, than one person's inclination not to attend the occasion.

We should fight the government and corrupt officials for allowing RH to denude our forests - not the building, not the people who own it or work there, or people hosting a milestone event for PNG women.

With you Keith. Your 'temper' and my temper are as one.

A week or two of close contact with the range and depth of inequalities in PNG does stoke some tempre. OK, the word tempre is now obsolete, but so too are much that can be brought to meet the morality of a population now conversing with expeditious immediacy.

Keep to it Keith, for being "against people who treat other people badly".

Too few take note that the flipside positive, love your neighbour, is inclusive.

I understand how you feel, Keith, and I also read our friend's sentiment on Facebook and I noted that many people actually supported the stance he took.

I think there is an embedded detestation amongst those who have been directly affected by RH's logging practices. He would have come if the coffee was arranged elsewhere. Tingting bilong me.

Practices endorsed, encouraged and allowed by the PNG government. If people took that thought to its logical conclusion, they would not engage with the government either. And where would that get us? - KJ

As the instigator of the My Walk to Equality Project, Keith, you have every right to decide where the book launch should be held.

However, by dismissing the understandable feelings of others towards Rimbunan Hijau as ‘small stuff’ and insisting that the Stanley Hotel be the venue for your coffee catch-ups and the book launch, I wonder whether you might have caused unnecessary harm to your own enterprise.

Calling those who will not attend the launch ‘rude’ hardly helps either.

Temper, temper, perhaps?

Too old for that indulgence. So not "temper" but contempt for gesture politics. And the book was Rashmii's idea. All I did was ensure there were funds for the print, launch and distribution and that these elements happened - KJ

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