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16 March 2017


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How right Governor Parkop to say all citizens should start looking at themselves in the mirror before nominating for public office or casting their votes.

Current members should look carefully at their faces to see if they are worth re-election to hold public office.

New candidates who wish to nominate should see how different they are to replace current members.

And people should see what bad attitudes they possess they should discard. The people know that some of our leaders are like children who allow themselves to be easily influenced and manipulated by a few of their hard-core supporters.

Governor Parkop wants a Clean Capital City but buai selling, buai chewing individuals are over-running the metropolis again.

The buai ban is not working as city criminals have begun to hold up overseas passengers at Jackson’s International Airport etc etc..

Mr Parkop says 'Choose sensibly for wise leaders with proven track records'. Is 'proven' self-serving?
Mr Parkop says 'Change begins with each one of us'. Is that "vote responsibly"? And 'change' Mr Parkop?
Mr Parkop says 'We don't blame or examine our own inabilities or failures', but what is "our own"?

Voters need help and information, but democracy it is, so all, whoever's voted in, need be true and transparent.
Emphasis on 'leadership'? Just maybe, requirement is of elected persons being SERVANTS of folk and nation.

Now, about DSIP and PSIP funds being 'a direct intervention program by way of government policy' ('Policy based on Alotau Acord principles'), some might say that 2017 electioneering began at the first allocation of DSIP and PSIP funds. What's your vote, Mr Parkop?

As ye sow, so shall ye reap, Powes. In a country where numbers on the floor of parliament can trump agreed to policy, ideology and time honoured conventions of Westminster system of government, to say nothing of constitutional stipulations, is it little wonder that MP's of such a legislature are right in the sights of thinking voters?

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