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08 March 2017


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This was the final cut - the ABC started cutting back and eventually axing their Radio Australia programs several years ago - I can't remember when but it was initially mooted, I think, in Fraser's time and it was than I wrote a couple of long missives to both him, the relevant minister at the time, and the ABC explaining exactly what you have mentioned, Keith.

I added the rider that I regularly saw Radio Australia's calendars in the most remote areas of PNG and how they were the only source of info for many Papua New Guineans - I did not get a sausage in return.

You are also dead right about how the NZ government has a far better and effective foreign affairs set up in the Pacific than does Australia and is winning in the race for the hearts and minds of the modern Pacific generation.

I don't think that has anything to do with MMP voting, just a more realistic mindset amongst pollies and bureaucrats..

Come listen to the BBC; they have good programs about writing too. I have not heard much on Trump though.

It is at the end of the radio band width on 106.7 on my mobile.

You get to learn some good cocky English too, albeit with a slight dialect.

ABC was becoming too politically correct with all its too modern diatribe.

That was tim bepo.

I have been listening to Radio National in POM over the last ten years. It has gone from bad to worse. In 2016 I heard programs about how a gay rent boy "...changed my life"..., about a weirdo who wanted to eat human flesh but had to settle for his wifes placenta after she gave birth, endless book programs with filthy language and perversion to the fore, that male anal sex was common in animals therefor a natural outlet, that women are interrupted more frequently and ..."violently"...than men and so on and so on, day after day. Absolute and offensive infantile drivel.

This disgusting tripe is broadcast to the Asia Pacific region to conservative societies still sensible enough to understand that this is not sophisticated material. Recently I was talking to an older Papua New Guinean who, like everyone, used to rely on and trusted the ABC for news and educative programming. He now refuses to listen to it because it embarrasses him - particularly if his family are also listening.

So far as I am concerned this decision is the best thing the ABC has done for a long time and long overdue.

If Australia's communications outfit ABC has no scope, not to say funding, for radio-casting news not to say propaganda, maybe there is scope for DFAT to adjust its footprint, at least on the basis of humanitarianism, equality and engendering educa-trade.

Has Radio Australia Pacific Beat been affected? This is one of my favourite radio broadcasts.

Can ABC donate those transmitter to NBC. I used to listen to ABC since their signal was so powerful compared to othed

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