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03 March 2017


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Bernard, Two judges are quoted in my book.

The late Deputy Chief Justice, Sir Mari Kapi said: ‘Many leaders have got into conflict with the laws. The respect for authority is at its lowest ebb. This is the age of what some people elsewhere have described as a golden age of greed, the philosophy of me and age of individualism. I will get what I want regardless of what the law says.’

A couple of years later in 2007, Wabag Resident Judge, late Justice Moses Jalina warned: “People are thinking, everything is going to be okay. But in 10-20 years time PNG will not be the same. Police are just watching crimes being committed.’

Exactly 20 years after late Justice Jalina expressed these words, the country is bracing itself to elect their representatives to parliament in this year’s national elections.

One of my favourites was the late Justice Thurgood Marshall, who was the first African American appointed to the US Supreme Court.
He was appointed by LBJ and was an ardent civil rights campaigner. The United States courthouse in lower Manhattan bears his name and I particularly liked his loose legal philosophy......" You do what you think is right and let the law catch up"

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