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02 March 2017


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Here's hoping your assessment and prediction comes true Jeff.

Electing the best candidate is surely desirable but how do voters know who is the best?

Without a Charter of Honesty and the means to evaluate each candidate, how are voters to keep those elected honest and reputable?

According to ex president George 'W' Bush, the press is the best way of doing just that but in a previous article on this site it claims neither newspaper in PNG were prepared to report a press conference by the current leader of the Opposition, Mr Polye.

How can PNG voters evaluate any candidate if they have never been a member previously? Previous occupations are a pointer but aren't necessarily a fail safe indicator of future intentions once temptation presents itself.

PNG needs reputable leaders. Past performance is probably the only way current candidates can be evaluated however what happens when even they end up following the corrupt?

The appointment of a new Chief Ombudsman seems uncommonly well timed to assist those who have appointed him, after the next election. The last Ombudsman Commission seemed completely unable to proceed with any action against the vast majority of current government figures as the PNG Constitution is supposed to work.

When the safety valve isn't working, what chance is there to prevent future disaster?

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