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13 March 2017


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Great to see the Bard to the Boars, the inestimable Michael Dom, back among the commentary community.

I'm loving it.

Contrast of some magnitude indeed, with today's Australian ABC news item stating:
"...the launch of Saudi Arabia's new Girls' Council have gone viral for all the wrong reasons — namely, the lack of actual women in attendance."

At Brisbane's launch of 'My Walk To Equality' tomorrow, blokes will be seen attending supportingly, less theatrically.

Tenacious yea, terrifying no,
Ambitious yep, scarifying nope,
Devotional you bet, demonising its not,
Invitational yay, invidious nay.

Birthing liveliness and newness in expression,
walking with winsomeness, willingness, wizening worth.

Well said, Watna. Keen to collaborate again in the near future:)

Thank you, Martyn.

Trialled a different format this time. Eager to receive feedback on how it read, flowed etc.

Go, Rashmii, go! Take no prisoners!

PNG women coming into their own. Being unapologetically us, in every form that we come in. It's not black and white. We aren't either villagers or ex-Aussie privileged. There is more to us and you can't fit us into a box.

That can be a scary thing for NGOs and for aid donors, how do you support just "women," not "poor" women, not women trying to "lift" the country, just women being themselves.

It's a tough concept, revolutionary even, in a still colonial, third-world, aid-dependent country. I'm so excited for more projects like this.

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