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11 March 2017


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Keith, I believe the book launch of the " My walk to equality" created literary history in PNG. It puts our often marginalised, but creative women in the best light.

Let those who turn a blind eye on the creative efforts of our women perish in their ignorance. We need to move on to promote and harness the creative writing potential of this country. The literary mine of this nation is untapped!

Dear Phil,

A pleasant and objective summary. You must have read The Jungle by Upton Sinclair and what you reiterate aligns with the loose legal philosophy of the late Justice Thurgood Marshall......" You do what you think is right and let the law catch up"
All too often we try to legislate social change and to quote Hazlitt......" Rules and models destroy genius and art" or Cicero....."more laws less justice"
The writing on this blog is so thought provoking and a more refreshing alternative than the formulaic trash from Murdoch and Packer sycophants.

"So I’ve got no problem with the people who refused to attend the My Walk to Equality book launch...."

I have a problem with them. There were only three (plus some Australian supporters in these columns). All of them men. Who showed disrespect to a considerable achievement by 44 women writers - and other women who worked hard to get the book published and printed.

The event was about something far more important than the opinions of some men.

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