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31 March 2017


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Buy what measure, a show of Palm?

See report today in Post Courier at:
“O'Neill first PM ever to visit Palm Island community…red carpet welcome…by the local community”.

Recall that “Mr Joe Tengen said that Mr O’Neill has and unbeaten record by a Prime Minister by visiting most districts and local level governments during his term and in doing so has touched the heart of many grassroots people in the village level.” (Now, that sets the pace…)
See: “WHP behind O’Neill” at:

Gotta ask, how can it be that PCPO’N is FIRST as an elected and in-office PM to visit Great Palm Island (GPI)?

Whether process, peek, personality, pique or politique…I hope it a promotion pleasing for GPI folk.

Great comments by Rodney Jeremiah. Spot on.

I too, was surprised that the only "focus group" that came out in support of the students' call for transparency and accountability were some commercial pilots - all members of a much larger team that know that if one team member does not carry out their job according to the stipulated regulations, calamity and catastrophe can quickly result.

No amount of talking about Melanesian values or autochthonous solutions can change that old chestnut.

Do not let the kleptocrats and their sycophants grind you down, Rodney

Aneurin Bevan, a firebrand Welsh MP once quoted ..." I read the newspapers avidly. It is my one form of continuous fiction."
It is no coincidence during a coup d'état that the first target is media outlets.

The prime minister is bluntly making a media campaign to gain favour for the soon coming election from the point of view of blaming others about corruption.

I hope pronouncing corruption might have felt weightless in his mouth. Blaming others for the word lays a weighty load of corruption bags hanging on his back.

Meanwhile media in PNG make headlines to earn revenue for the costs of producing the news for the people. Sometimes I wonder where do journalists from PNG come from, the chief editors and the producers?

From my view the media was biased in PNG and became the number one puppet mouthpiece for O'Neill. Students took to the streets of PNG and many were injured in clashes on campus.

It wouldn't have happened if the PNG media giants had presented the facts laid out by students to witness what students where doing in public to oppose corruption.

I was doing my first year at that time and took a risk to go on boycotting classes and get fully involved thinking of saving my country's future.

But in the daily papers and on television news, presenters said nothing and no organisations came to support the students' voice.

We saw the way forward of saving our country but there was no support from those organisations like nurses and doctors associations, PNG energy workers and many others.

The only organisation I saw that took some risk was the pilots' association and some of the pilots were sacked from their employment contracts.

I thought of myself as a poor kid trying to climb Everest in an hour, but determined to stand up - to put those who try to take my motherland backward in their place.

O'Neill, giaman tumas.

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