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06 March 2017


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Thank you. I could have told you all of that. So what now! $48million. wasted. When some members of the RPNGC don't even have a pencil to write a report, or a car to go pick up an DV assailant. And I have showed some members of the RPNGC a training package that we put together as the request on some RPNGC members and they said, we have never been taught any of that in our training. So what the hell are the AFP doing. money wasted.

I worked in PNG on the AusAID police project form 1994 to 1996. I was a police officer with 30 years experience.

The PNG Police work in difficult conditions, no fit police station, no uniformity in their uniforms, misuse of vehicles and lack of them, and basically no motivation to do their job properly.

My period there was a waste of time as we were only advisers with no line control. You walk a fine line on what to say and do.

The RPNGC is very god at investigating matters with very little equipment. They are great in this environment.

If there is a crime committed at the Lae Yacht Club, Lae Inter or a few other venues I can name in Lae, then the Australian Federal Police will catch the culprits as the AFP officers spend their time there and not working with the police.

This project is waste of Australian money and, rather than waste it,, the money should go to the RPNGC to allow it to buy better equipment.

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