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12 March 2017


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A worthy piece!

The 'we' that we are, all as human beings, arrive and blink and wonder and learn, and lo, compete. Yet empathy compels most to compassion, with which each newborn is blessed. Contemplate as urged by Lapieh and Tanya, and compete for that cohesiveness for which most folk all long.

Loved it! Loved every word!

Saw part of a brief but very positive interview of Keith Jackson on EMTV last night. Well done to all concerned.

Thank you Rashmii, Keith and Phil. Appreciate the stage and the opportunity. Thank you.

Beautifully done, Tanya. A most encouraging review that should encourage many, as yet, unpublished authors.

A well balanced response by Ravi Zacharias to the gender issue might also be of additional value to many:

Thank you Tanya for this excellent review of this wonderful book.

I was asked to write a review but didn't. I felt it was up to PNG women to review the book and explain how it told of the problems that they faced and how PNG women must all work together, with the men who care for women, to bring about changes that can help bring fairness and equality to all females in PNG.

There is a huge problem in PNG when it comes to attitudes to women. In some parts it has come from traditional customs so is very hard to alter. But it has led to much persecution of women and this has to stop.

One can only hope that the message in this book will be spread through the social media. Also, maybe one day we can see more PNG films being produced again and lively TV stations that can produce films to carry this message to every village.

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