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18 February 2017


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I agree with Phil, you want Brexit and Trumpism, you've got it already with this post-truth, alternate-truth regime.
I also believe Sir Mekere will help pull PNG out of the mud. PNG lost an opportunity when it failed to re-elect the Morauta govt in 2002.

I once thought about Mekere Morauta in a similar way to what Phil F now does - until in his first stint in parliament he took the role of Minister for Fisheries whilst his immediate family ran a fishing company. Whilst I might accept such a "mistake" by a lesser educated person, I could not then and will not now believe that a holder of a post graduate degrees in economics and the highest governmental financial administration and supervisor/management roles in the country did not understand the conflict of interest taking that portfolio demonstrated.

With respect Busa, over the years I have read many, many PNG commentators who have handed out advice to their fellows about what should be done. All the advice in the world is of no use if no one actually does anything about it.

Every time there is an election in PNG everyone seems to have bags of good advice but no one seems to follow that advice. Why is this so?

If you and others can work that problem out and overcome that hurdle, then there will be change. If not, and I can't see anything changing any time soon, PNG is headed for another five years of much the same form of government and another five years of unending complaints and advice from everyone that someone needs to do something.

As Phil has pointed out, where is the collective support for those political leaders who have put their effective policies out and practiced what they preach?

Is the real problem with those who get elected or more rightly with those who elect them?

Talk is cheap. Actions speak louder than words.

Good article, Busa. With the decline in educational standards and kindred accompaniments it is as if the capacity for informed dissent is limited to the few who comprehend the scope of events and show it actively.

I concur with your notions about informing the wider community in matters of governance etc.

I suspect the three R's (readin, 'ritin,' 'rithmatic), if attended to diligently, will progressively build that all important base you speak of.

I suspect that you have already had your Trumpism Busa in the form of Peter O'Neill.

Just look at what Trump is doing and compare it to O'Neill - the similarities are profound.

Elect Mekere Morauta, he'll pull you out of the mud.

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