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08 February 2017


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Prospects for school infrastructure in Papua New Guinea might be helped by keeping memories of how the education sector started and your school buildings come into usage.

By example from Waseta, Oro Province, the buildings are named after the persons who caused the beginning of the school at Waseta. As told by Mr Bevan Kipling Ihove, Headteacher 2008, six village chiefs are celebrated for their activity and commitment.

“Horepa was a village chief of Koropata who indicated the idea of establishing the school after enrolling his child at Isivita Mission School and attending church services.

Ihimpa was one of the village chief and a policeman. He was the only person who knew how to speak English. He took Horepa and Tangivo to Isivita Mission Station and saluted Fr Henry Holland and gave some gifts to start school and mission station.

Tangivo was one of the village chiefs of Waseta. He was also involved with the other village chiefs to bring about the school and the mission.

Karonga was a village chief and land owner. He had no children so he decided to give away the land to the Mission (Anglican) to build the school.

Okasi…the village chief who was also a landowner who had committed his contribution towards the establishment of the school.

Kando was one of the village chiefs who also involved in the negotiation to build the school and mission station.”

Schools in other places will have their own histories and forms of remembering. Planning for the future of your school can be helped by remembering its history.

What then?
Firstly, this is to encourage people today to keep or to start a history of their school.
Secondly, share those histories on the Internet such as at ‘Wheres My School’.
Thirdly, if no Internet, mail your school history to me (sorry no payment, no prizes.)

Impartial, unbiased and independent inspection is a thing of the past. Now everything is venal and favouritism is rife...too bad.

Whatever happened to the system of periodic inspections by the school inspector in each district and now province?

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