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27 February 2017


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Catching up on PNG Attitude I seem to be having rough morning. Just posted a blog after Busa’s essay and now this one comes along. Kevin you made me bloody well cry too.
Not a week day goes by without my thinking back to PNG - my home for thirty mind changing years. I lived for several years on and off at Lavongai Mission and was favourite with a German Sister serving God’s people there. Later she would overnight with my family along the coast during her regular MCH patrols..often in atrocious monsoonal rains braving the waves to give hope to her anti and post pregnancy patients and often to save lives too.

I have seen people with amazing injuries being eventually carried miles along muddy tracks that were once roads or paddled to an aidpost in tiny canoes through seas which caused Magistrates to refuse to leave Kavieng to attend a Court in Taskul. Similarly while their schools deteriorated Education Inspectors refusing for years to live and patrol from Taskul because of the poor transport and other conditions.

Have seen a tiny baby dying slowly from malaria because of lack of roads or sea transport to reach a rural health centre. Aspirins being prescribed for all sorts of problem when no other drugs were in stock.

Thus when I seeing the lavish praises being lauded at the ageing Chief I don’t see him in his glorious days of the early 70s but rather think of the struggling rural masses failed by him and his kind since 1975 and the prestige projects of the capital built to impress fellow international elites as they FIFO to conferences and other tokfests about 5, 10, 20 year plans or missed millennium goals; MP’s waistlines bulging from extravagant lunches at launches for corporate plans in Moresby’s 5-star resorts. Queensland properties for PNG spivs and I can only guess at Panama or Cayman Island accounts for the elite narcissists selling the nation to international carpet baggers.
Billions of kina nowhere to be seen from hundreds of shiploads of LNG and incredulously Exxon wants to exploit more wells despite over production in the world. THis past week an expert wants to find a supply of gas to develop a petro-chemical industry in Moresby. Is PNG's only for export?

Millions of metric tonnes of logs from despoiled hundreds of thousands of hectares of pristine forest and their logging roads revert to muddy morasses.

Tuna selling for K10 or more a small tin in Europe after years of depleting the waters of the Coral Triangle and while the PMIZ in Madang continues it eight years disgraceful charade costing millions.

Holes in the ground from mining that will never be restored as promised by the developers.

Balimo airstrip closed for years yet the Falcon still flying for the PM.

Calm down old fella and take your tablet..inap pastaim

Well said, Kevin.

Kevin - Beautifully written. Your masterfully minted word pictures capture my imagination. Thank you for sharing your skills through this article.

Whoever isn't moved by this word picture surely should not be referred to as human.

Those who have allowed this travesty to occur should not only hang their heads in shame but withdraw from any further political and government activity.

Those who don't acknowledge that they have created this situation with their own greed and selfishness must be held to account when the next general election comes.

Is there no one who will stand up and rid PNG of this terrible blight?

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