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25 February 2017


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Baka, why don't you post your thoughts on the Recitals on the Poetry PNG FB page as well. It is a more vibrant page with a lot more following with close to 5000 members at the moment. Not all based in Port Moresby of course. But I think you are likely to get a reaction from the Poetry PNG page. I will try and locate your post and provide the link also. The small admin team in the poetry png group has a proposal for a Poetry Slam in the first half of 2017 with the national elections as a theme. Perhaps we could work together Baka on your recital idea? My email is: My apologies Hazel to use your space for this post. But yours definitely is an entertaining read. I look forward to reading the sequel.

I put out a post following the news item on the CP Awards night and put on on Crocodile Prize facebook page - that if there were a group of writers willing to get together on a Saturdays at the National Library, we could do recitals and somewhere along during this gatherings I am willing to show people how to publish on Createspace.
Unfortunately it is going 5 days now with not one like registered on it. Maybe PNG Writings will be a loose art.
Perhaps Chief JK at UPNG bookshop will be our saving light.

Thank you for giving such positive comments about my writing.

I am working on a couple of writing projects.

I do not know how long some of them are going to be, and if they are going to be funny at all (I just hope they are as funny as I think they are)

But I hope when they do become published, somewhere or somehow by a publishing company, they will put smiles on the faces of people who get to read them.

Hi Arthur

I like your concept about the lukautim famili bank account.

If all families, especially those working households adopt that to cater for their own families, it would in the long run disqualify the TFF policy of the government which has only become a political gimmick creating many problems for schools in the country.

The government, however, needs to create more jobs (both in the formal and informal sector), and reduce the prices of basic goods and services!


There will be another story by Hazel in this series a bit later Arthur. It's just as engaging.

I think Hazel has enormous potential as a writer. Perhaps one day we'll see a collection of her work published.

Unlike a lot of PNG writing I think the way Hazel writes would jump the bridge between PNG literature and international literature easily.

The only other person I've seen who can do the same is Lorraine Basse.

Hazel - I liked your personal tale of the annual January hot topic in families around PNG – TFF or Tuition Free Fees. Loved the shouting down the toilet bit.

Having 13 grandchildren, I still have a possible five who are or will be in need of financial help for education over at least the next 15 years.

Sadly we have no CEO in any branch of our family and at 78 and now retired, generally the only work for us ageing ones is to do unpaid voluntary work for charity shops, churches, NGOs etc.

In my working days in PNG I had been able to help my extended family through their education but these days my bank account is like the early days of PNGBC passbook accounts – money in on fortnight Friday, large amount out following week, then a tiny K5 or K10 withdrawal to bring balance down to almost zero.

Consequently I have recently persuaded my grandkids’ UK aunties to start placing some cash monthly into a ‘lukautim famili’ bank account. If it works it could mean that they may have enough to help their PNG cousins as they face demands for fees over those coming years.

After all who knows when TFF may suddenly end, even mid-year 2017 the way budgetary ‘dreams’ appear to be collapsing.

A very entertaining read, Hazel.
Will there be a sequel?

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