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18 February 2017


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I have but one small correction to make to your narrative, Paul, in para4, line 2 add an "s" to "nation".

I have continually referred back to that Roman proverb: 'When your neighbour's house is on fire, it becomes your problem.'

Australia has dropped the ball and myopically can't see where it has fallen.

As Napoleon is reputed to have said of the French nation: 'The crown of France is in the gutter. One may simply stoop and pick it up.'

Both PNG and Australia are in very real danger of allowing someone else to pick up the reins of government and start to drive the nation in a direction neither country may want in the long term.

When a power vacuum exists it is axiomatic that someone will seek to fill it.

Tarangau istap antap na emi lukautim kaikai bilo en laga.

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