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04 February 2017


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I think this fence is part of a donor funded contract. Workers on these projects are exempt from the normal work permit and Labour Department requirements.

As I have stated many times before, we can blame the yellow man, we can blame the white man and we can blame the curry man, but nobody - nobody - steals more from the people of PNG than the people of PNG especially those PNG citizens in positions of power and trust.

During the time of the Barnett Enquiry into Corruption in the Logging Industry in the 1990s, I recall a video clip showing journalists and environmental NGOs arriving by helicopter in the southern New Ireland logging area.

They tried to interview one Asian who was unable to speak English; another only a little. Twenty years on its obvious nothing has changed.

In Noipos Base Camp, West Lavongai, Dominance - a front company for the biggest caterpillar of the forests, RH - even had Asian cooks boiling rice because PNG people didn't know how to cook it.

But these foreigners only get in because of PNG elite spivs doing paperwork etc for them. Money talks.

What a weekend it is. Off to a rapturous start, in Australia now, Women's AFL joins other codes and sports as an exciting crowd pleaser. Kicking games are on.

What of PNG and game highs for women? Great year 2016, seeing the FIFA Under-20 Women's Football World Cup in PNG. That which is happening will grow with more excitement to boot.

What can be said where a public servant "gets off his bike" (becomes annoyed) because another public servant supposedly [n]ever gets out of her chair? Fair game?

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