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18 February 2017


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Australia has been a more than willing contributor to the PNG economy. For many, many years there was no supervision at all and a lot of the funds were wasted, put into questionable projects or simply just ripped off. There is very little to show for Australia's long tenure.

I think it's very disappointing as in almost all cases the funding was given in good faith and generally no strings attached. Yes I have heard the constant cry of boomerang aid but that is really false news.

Make no mistake about it the Chinese contribution will not be so magnanimous and even now they ignore the labour laws with Chinese workers doing menial tasks. Australia should be very concerned but I think what is happening has not sank in as yet.

Of course the more Chinese influence coming in the more nervous Indonesia becomes. Indonesia is very aware of what is driving China.

Of course should PNG become a failed state and that is not beyond possibility you may find that Indonesia will stand up to be counted

As the warning bell sounds it seems like the only collective action as a result is that the leaders (so called) in both PNG and Australia are behaving like the proverbial three wise monkeys.

i.e. 'See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.'

They are simply poking their fingers deeper in their ears and saying: 'What problem? I can't see, hear or say anything?'

Bikpela pis i lukim liklik pis i stap lo huk na kaikaim kwiktaim. Bihain huk ipas lo nek bilo en emi noinap lo singaut na kisim olgeta husat inap lo halivim em kamautim dispela huk. Em huk ipas pinis na bikpela pis emi kamap kaikai tasol bilo traipela pis i holim pas huk na lain lo han bilo em.

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