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20 February 2017


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Great work Piers Akerman. Where have you been all this time?

We have been requesting Australia to investigate laundering of corrupt money going into Australia for a very long time and yet Australia gives a deaf ear.

We have been talking about boomerang aid for a long time, and yet Australia gives a deaf ear.

The AU$100 million you talk about going to the Federal Police under the PNG initiative, this is money Australian police will be paid yet comes in the name of development aid which is not development aid at all.

This is the kind of bullshit you talk about and still you expect PNG to jump up and down hearing your load of rubbish.

Australia has left behind no tangible insfrastructure like what the British did for Fiji or what the France have done for New Caledonia and Tahiti so that an independent PNG can develop in a more meaningful way.

If Australia/New Zealand are frighten about growing Chinese presence in PNG, be reminded that the Chinese are sincere to support our development aspirations and they are investing massively in PNG.

They will be investing US3 billion in West Sepik and maybe we can ask the Chinese to build a naval base for bilateral use in Western Province which is few meters away from Australia. How will this look ? Maybe this will ring home the message. Welcome to reality Piers Akerman.

Piers Doberman would be more concerned about which bottle of Shiraz he was having with dinner at his Towlers Bay retreat in Pittwater.

Our foreign minister would spend more in a visit to a hairdressing salon than what most PNG nationals receive in a year.

If this is finally getting some attention in Australia, perhaps the Australian government can start with a relatively easy project - why not review the number of Papua New Guinean property buyers in Cairns, Townsville, Mackay, Brisbane etc, work out which ones belong to Members of Parliament - both past and present, CEOs and MDs of state authorities (fairly easy if you read PNG newspapers) and interview them again about where their money came from to buy those properties.

If someone claims business interests in PNG, ask for company names and get copies of their annual returns to back that up and ask for bank statements of those company accounts - you can now do online searches at the IPA and get annual returns without ever having to set foot in PNG.

For years Papua New Guineans have been talking about misappropiated/stolen money being invested in Australia and no one on the other side of the Coral Sea seems to have been paying attention - instead we get glossy lift-outs in the daily newspapers, advertising the Cairns and Townsville property markets!

And one more thing - didn't Australia offer to help with security to counter growing Chinese influence in PNG?

One is tempted to say: 'Ho hum. What's new? We have been saying this for years.'

The only thing is that these reports are just starting to filter through the Australian media to those who are still interested to read about them.

The actual train wreck has been looming for years. The train is just a tad closer and those nervous nellies are now starting to cast around for someone to blame.

In PNG it seems like many simply pass the dire future as 'Em PNG tasol.'

In Australia it seems someone may actually be paying attention at long last to the warning bell that has been ringing for years.

What can PNG do? What can Australia do?

Sorry that's not the question.

What will both countries do? Well that depends on leadership.

We currently have a PM who has been referred to as 'Mogadon Malcolm'. In PNG we have a government who has proven again and again they are incapable of governing. Unless something changes, why would the current situation alter?

If the Manus detention centre was closed then Australia may be better able to exert pressure on the PNG government. How many Australian aid projects are compromised because the GOPNG counterpart funding does not arrive?

Julie Bishop is merely a flowerpot, sit there and look pretty for the cameras.

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