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17 January 2017


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Hi Keith - Our mothers and sisters pursuing happiness and the quality of life they deserve is a human rights issue.

If aid donors don't see it as such or are unwilling to support it, then I don't understand their goals.

Such organisations would probably pay more on consultants fees to produces a report that ends up on a shelf somewhere than the K40,000 worth of books.

I wouldn't be at all surprised to discover that someone from the PNG government has been whispering in someone's ear from DFAT and the AHC telling them that the book is potentially embarrassing.

Not that any one of them would have read it and realised that it is decidedly positive.

It is very bad that organisation like UNDP cannot embrace a great initiative that captures a developmental agenda that they believe in and advocate.

They may have their own gender equity advocacy programs but this project definitely falls within what they believe in and have been preaching and promoting globally and yet it's a great shame that they can't 'walk the talk'.

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