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08 January 2017


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This I great Leila. Keep this writing up. Definitely looking forward to more.

I was just organising my on line library and realised I have a a copy of Paulo Freire's Pedagogy of the Oppressed, which can be downloaded free via:

The following link provides a summary:

Beautiful story - can't wait for the next part. Portrays the changing society of PNG.

Curiosity is born, Leila. What will be the tenor of Rick's welcome?
Hmm. Next exciting episode, please.

We are really appreciating this story on the Sepik Forum this morning....

Now,that's a real man..

Samson Torovi - Beautiful

Collin Kandibagu - Very encouraging..

Maggie Mikez - Mmmmm.he's a real man.

Joseph Kumasi - Right mahn

Gayle Loup Ani - A great Sepik man once wrote about the Melanesian way and he believed that everything should be solved in a non violent way.
We all have a lesson to learn from this story.

Edwin Lambila Charlieponie - Right decision... Man

Norman Korunduma - Trupla boi

Peter A Olali - Respect

Noah Mossman - So true in today modern PNG

Leo Vendam - Friends and relatives have many-a-times destroyed families. This is a nice piece that can encourage men to look at family life independently without influence by the likes of that useless sister.

Sammy Joe - God has equipped and charged the man to use his God-abilities to survey the approaching horizons. He is to calculate potential dangers and take appropriate actions to keep his marriage. Here is a man who can't walk away from the small civilization God has given him to head, who couldn't allow his family to become a statistic. A real man.

Sheengxz Hage Kapo - The Nursing Profession is also a Time demanding one where female nurses in most times arrive home later than their end of shift time hungry and very tired but it takes a very understanding husband to support a wife. This is a modern world where responsibilities of raising a family lies on both partners. Listening to friends and families often lead to unstable marriage life even though there's Love between them.

Charles Kaprangi - Beautiful, challenging, and soothing to the soul.

Clay Cletus Kevenduo - Inspiring!!

Sabbina Ewwa Wow, - one in a million. She is blessed to have a courageous and strong husband.

Vergil Narokobi - A story with huge moral compass for us all. "Strength, intelligence and care" the attributes of a Sepik woman and all PNG women. Great respect to the man for breaking traditional boundaries.

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