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24 January 2017


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A wonderful experience in a foreign land. But don't want such experiences in escalators.But would like to experience such one day.

Nostalgic tale. This story reminds me of you giving me a tour of the Queensland State Library last year during the Brisbane Writers Festival.

I will treasure the memory and the pictures we took there, especially the one in front of the writing that says ‘A State of Writing - connecting writers, readers and ideas’

Thank you.

Lovely tale of the unexpected for those Highlanders. Thanks for sharing it.

In the 1970s I often would look up at the vapour trails of what I imagined were Air Niugini planes winging towards Singapore overflying Kavieng, which even today still hasn’t got that international airport promised 40 years ago. Oh so much more convenient for passengers bound to or from the north if they could have landed in our town.

Kavieng could be the gateway to the islands for tourists, miners, even loggers but alas has never been high on the government’s priority who instead prefer to spend hundreds of millions on volcanic ash prone Rabaul now Tokua that can and has closed for days due to his unpredictable phenomena which entail diversions to volcano free Kavieng.

So it was that in 1979 I had to travel 830km southwards; overnight in a relatively expensive hotel; only the next day to overfly the same 830km northwards en-route for Singapore.

With my wife and I were my first two PNG daughters from the backwaters of New Ireland and as often happened there was no connecting flight out of PNG to speed us on our journey to the UK so it meant a day wasted in Moresby.

Can never forget the look on my two daughters when they saw their first escalator or as they called it ‘moving staircase’ in Steamies superstore which I believe later burnt down once or was it twice.

The kids spent several minutes travelling up this hitherto unseen miracle of engineering; a culture shock for them.

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