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11 January 2017


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I agree with Barbara. Teachers miss the interaction with their students which is why Facebook is so great. Finding old students has been very gratifying. Of course finding Francis again after all these years was probably one of the best points in my life. He is a true inspiration to me and I still talk about him and my time in PNG to all my present classes (yes, still teaching part-time).

I true that Nebare. I met one of thses young boys at the TNA Coffee Shop top town KuNdiawa today. Edward Bare was my teacher in 1974. He later became premier of Simbu in the early 1990s. Edward is as young as 40 year old but he must be in his mid 1970s. His limps function perfect, eye sight good, all his teeth white and in place but has lost some grass antap. Was amazed! So Francis that conclusion of teachers maybe just true. Tok tasol.

Bro Francis, I still feel young but trapped in an old man's body...hehehe

Hi Francis, here's a hypothesis for you.

Adults are really only children with more experience. Some adults have learnt from life's experiences and some never do. Some teachers are worth their weight in gold and some aren't.

You can usually tell the difference when you look at what they have done and are doing with their lives.

The really good teachers leave indelible lessons that we never forget.

All we ever do is to leave the world a better place than when we arrived.

Love it , Francis. Now I know why I'm different! Ha!

I am really loving it on Facebook. Teachers spend their lives interacting with people. They miss it when they retire. Any person they meet while shopping etc gets an ear-bashing!

But Facebook is the answer! They can talk on and on and it doesn't really matter if nobody listens as they will never know.

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