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26 January 2017


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I think we've uncovered a great scandal here Keith - the people and organisations that talk the talk but don't walk the walk.

It seems like there are a lot of them and among their numbers are a great many institutions supposedly and specifically set up to walk the walk.

The situation reminds me of Aboriginal affairs in Australia. Aboriginal Affairs has often been called an 'industry' with many stakeholders, including the people who work in it.

Those people have a vested interest in NOT solving all the problems of Aboriginal people. To do so would put them out of a job.

With reference to 'My Walk to Equality' I'd suggest we've somehow tapped into the 'women's equality industry'.

Those people in that industry don't seem to be interested in progress. Progress would put them out of work, diminish the opportunities for 'feel good' but meaningless rhetoric and reduce their profiles as benefactors.

I think we're in the age of 'Fake Philanthropy'.

If I added up the time and effort I have put into editing and publishing The Crocodile Prize anthologies, 'My Walk to Equality' and some 30 odd books by Papua New Guineans and charged my normal consultancy rates I'd probably be looking at hundreds of thousands of dollars.

These institutions are dealing with taxpayers' and other peoples' money and they are manipulating it for devious reasons.

I've become cynical in old age but there are good reasons for that I think.

I may expand on the below comments at a later date:

1. The professional email etiquette of the majority of the PNG organisations and individuals I have approached leaves a lot to be desired.

2. The direct email for relevant contacts have been 50/50 male and female. Big thank you to the PNG and expat men who are by far outnumbering the women in being efficient in acknowledging my email and courteous in response. Special thanks to John Nilkare at SP Brewery for his professionalism.

3. The lack of support (let alone acknowledgement of email receipt) by PNG women I've approached (especially those whose organisations fly the banner of 'women's empowerment') is atrocious.

Those who requested a copy of the promotional PDF copy of the anthology, to which I efficiently responded, weeks later I still await your response.

4. Thank you for all those supporting me across social media. I am new to project work and so, with the exemplary guidance of Keith and Phil, I am finding my way around this slowly. Tania Basiou, Roxanne Aila, Elvina Ogil, Fiona Hukula and Lisa Renee - I really appreciate your support this week.

Thank you to all those on my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts supporting 'My Walk to Equality' through reposting, retweeting, sharing etc.


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