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11 January 2017


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This is Martyn's summary on his Facebook page:


This man [Peter O’Neill] led a rogue government that illegally took power from a legitimate government and prime minister

He went on to tamper with, trample on and destroy the constitution to legitimise his illegal grab for political power but this was later ruled and declared illegal

He declared elections after he was forced to and heavily influenced the outcome to favour himself and his supporters

He continued to systematically destroy and undermine the rule of law and the institutions of state to avoid facing the law and being accountable before it

He threatened and manipulated the media to become a propaganda machine of his regime reporting only his views as news while suppressing the truth.

He destroyed the economy by running down an economy with a balanced budget and surplus foreign reserves to a deficit budget with record debts and depleted foreign reserves.

He obtained a number of illegal loans outside of proper parliamentary and budget processes and approved illegal expenses outside of proper budgetary processes.

He weakened and frustrated the judicial process and the rule of law by refusing to vacate the office of Prime Minister and abusing the privileges of that office to avoid facing justice and succeeding to compromise all judicial state institutions.

He used the police force as a private army to quell all forms of opposition against him from all sectors of society culminating in the illegal shooting and injuring of university students

He abused the use of public funds to pay political support as well as abused Parliamentary processes to change laws and avoid votes of no confidence

He is now attempting to compromise the final remaining democratic institution and its constitutional mandate of free and fair elections so that he can continue to retain power since all his past sins threaten to catch up to him and his mates and there is no escape for them.


If PNG votes him back in May (or whenever he manages to delay the election to) it will be the laughing stock of the world.

You can expect more foul from Peter Paire O'Neill and his bunch of no goods. With all the heads of the security forces under him and now the EC Commisionor Gamato dancing to his every word, PNG is in for a very corrupted election 2017.

More will come from what Martin suggests about a “first ever” for PNG national elections.

NO SMALL matter in at least two ways, by “slight” of reduction and by admission of influence. Amazing, both.

Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato is reported to have said “in light of the decision by NEC (National Executive Council) to recommend the proposed legislative changes on election to reduce the campaign period from two months to one month, that will slightly affect the dates that I’ve announced”.

The only “slight” is that attempt by words to belittle a massive 50% reduction proposed for the 2017 national elections.

The admission of influence under pressure of “decision by NEC”, seems large a ‘kneel’, not in the terms of office of a PNG Electoral Commissioner. Such may have happened in the past, and may prevail again, but to make announcement seems a ‘step-down’.

Unrest is evident where Opposition leader Don Polye is reported as saying:
“PNGEC is an independent state institution and must not be influenced by the NEC, candidates or government institutions.”
“Commission Patilius Gamato [ought] to maintain and uphold the credibility and integrity of the office of the Electoral Commissioner and not succumb to NEC to run the elections as and when dictated by the PM.”

In support of Opposition leader Don Polye, is the following set out on the website of the PNG Electoral Commission: “The Electoral Commission was established as a corporate government institution by the Constitution on 16 September 1975. As an independent Constitutional office, it is not subject to direction or control by any person or authority.”
That is in the “Organic Law on National and Local-level Government Elections No. 3 of 1997.”

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