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04 January 2017


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That's great news coming from at least someone in the Education department. Funding, like Daniel Doyle pointed out, could be a problem for the education department. But lets hope for the better.

Thank you for the clarification, Francis. With that and the 50-50 vision of hindsight I now see what you meant by 'reading'. Separately, my Apo, Baka Bina has described the daily trials that his wife faces in trying to teach history to Kila Kila High School students - who have no textbooks. I can only imagine how tough it is for her and her students and teachers and students throughout PNG.

I share Ed Brumby's bemusement: the teaching of reading has never not been a part of the PNG curriculum at all levels.

It is timely that the department should seriously consider buying PNG authored books for the schools and congratulations to Francis and others who have championed this difficult cause. (Ask Sir Paulius how difficult it is!)

But, where will the money to buy them in quantity for nationwide distribution come from? Are there funds for the purchase of books in the Departments budget for 2017? Unlikely, while the charade of 'free education' is maintained. I'm not holding my breath.

(The two attempts at 'free education', Wingti and O'Neill, resulted in the Department being left with virtually no money to do anything else apart from pay salaries and mount (increasingly unreliable) exams.)

Although teachers have been encouraging students to read books,it is not compulsory for them to comply. Under SBE system, reading will made compulsory as a classroom lesson like maths, english etc. I hope this clarifies the confusion, Ed.

So, according to Francis's informant, 'the department will introduce reading as an instructional subject in schools' in 2017.

What on earth does this mean?

Do Papua New Guinean teachers no longer teach their charges to read?

Or has primary school reading instruction been so ineffective that Grade 8 students will have to be taught to do so?

I'm confused. And sceptical, regrettably.

Good, both boon to PNG writers and broadly buoyant to ears, educing, eliciting, excelling.

Francis, excellent job in pursing this. Many will benefit from your efforts.

This piece of information is a shot of gin to the tiring eyes and withering hands that holds out the shaking pencil, not to mention the addled brain.

That is a blessing of a great order of magnitude.

Too bad such tragedy of experience , nationally, pressured it to arrive.

Hopefully, sound minds and stout hearts will take this initiative and reform the "outcomes" for a new generation of scholars.

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