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07 January 2017


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I have a copy of Brokenville by Roka and enjoyed it. Please write your account Marlene. It is indeed sad and gripping - a lesson our leaders must learn to avoid.

The Bougainville crisis was indeed a sad chapter in PNG's brief history. Our leaders must avoid such a situation in all areas where there is oil, gas, gold, silver, copper etc. Landowner interests must be addressed properly. They must not be told lies and made to suffer.

'The trees looked angry.' Indeed nature was angry and will always be angry with leaders who mistreat innocent people.

The Bougainville crisis was a sad chapter in PNG history. Thank your for sharing your personal pain with us, Marlene. Keep writing.

Dear Marlene,

This is extremely heart rendering, cathartic and a classic example of strength in adversity. There are not too many in Australia that are capable of thinking and writing so descriptively with such an economy of style. It puts many of our alleged leaders to shame.

Please keep writing it is exhilarating to read such a captivating story rather than mindless emails and bimbo text messages

An indelible inscription on your mind: tragic and mournful yet a victory shout to encourage your readers.

Thank you Marlene for this very sad story.
No wonder you are such a strong woman. You have been through so much hurt and confusion and sorrow.
Keep writing. Everyone needs to hear your story.

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