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15 January 2017


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Strong and passionate. Indeed the intent of our forefathers in writing the Constitution was for fairness between the genders and most certainly we have regressed.

You have rightly pointed out that the language used has also unintentionally added to the mentality that there is a difference between man and woman.

Indeed there are physical difference but in terms of what does or does not should not be measured by a all too often phrase like "yu man ah?"

Additionally, Christianity at least in our country has literally taught that a wife must submit to her husband. I totally disagree with that. The rest of the context is that a man love his wife just as the Lord loves the church.

Thank you Elvina and Tanya. To all the contributors, you are amazing women. And to Rashmii, thank you for a great achievement. Congratulations!

WE DID IT! And we will continue our walk with equality.

Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! Such articulate and thought provoking words.

This quote in the piece touched my heart so deeply, "I pray never again to read a news article that contains the words “despite being a female” as if being born female is to be born with an impediment.

"Equality of the genders in PNG must be the norm and not the exception."

True indeed!

After posting my earlier comment, Elvina, I came across this most supportive clip by Ravi Zacharias:

Breaking News Ravi Zacharias Does God favor a gender ... - YouTube
Video for you tube Ravi Zacharias does God favor a gender▶ 7:28
2 days ago - Uploaded by CNN NEWS 2017

Well said, Elvina.

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