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13 January 2017


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And who said Hela was a safe place? Why do you think there are 20,000 Huli's living on the Sogeri Plateau and another 30,000 living in Moresby? Well yes, economic opportunities, but also it's a lot safer place to live.

We have over 1,000 coppers in and around POM and there are usually about 50 in the whole Hela Province.

All Justices on circuit, Ministers and some other VIPs have a 'close protection unit' of one or two Special Services Division (Mobile Squad) troopers.

The Magistrate at Tari did not have any protection and left after being attacked twice. The goon squads are very necessary these days.

I guess it's easy to understand her confusion about Britain and Australia.

At the Independence Day ceremonies the key expatriate figure was Prince Charles and the flag that came down did have a union jack in its corner.

On a wider basis the queen is still head of Australia so I suppose we are still British.

On another note, why does a justice of the supreme court need a goon squad with M16s if Hela is such a safe place?

Hi Phil,

Apart from getting Australia and Britain mixed up, Julie's narrative contains a few more bloopers.

I'm pretty sure that King of Saxony Birds of Paradise are not restricted to Tari.

The Judge's security team would have been carrying Colt AR15's or M16's. There are a few AK47's around (but little ammunition), smuggled in on logging ships, and our security forces do not have any.

If she couldn't tell the difference between an AK47 and an M16, how would she know whether the firearms were 'cocked' or not? They would most certainly have been 'safed'

Justice Kandakasi, from Enga, would probably not have referred to himself as a 'Papuan'.

Yes there are petro chemical facilities in Hela, but no gold mines (yet).

The Government has not deployed 'military troops' to Hela. It has 'mobilized' a small contingent, sworn in as Special Constables,under Police command, to assist Police in policing of law and order problems.

The reference to Australia's travel guidelines about PNG, could just as well apply to Los Angeles!

Bloopers or not, I trust that Julie enjoyed her trip, she certainly took in some exotic places and seems to have communicated quite well with 'Papuans', I mean Papua New Guineans, . Welcome back anytime.

To the question about cannibalism the good Judge should have responded: "more proven cases of cannibalism in Germany than in PNG both historically and currently!"

I am guessing that as she came from Karawari Lodge that the lodge in the Tari Gap was Ambua Lodge (both Trans-Niugini tours)

Phil, I presume your "blame the Brits" remark is "tongue in cheek".

This sounds like a terrible place. Obviously Britain didn't do a good job before granting PNG independence in 1975.

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