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04 January 2017


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Wantok em so sad now. The corrupted mind has gone insane rather appearing smarter each day.

Robbing the nation of K11 million a few months before elections to fund a security operation in Hela which in fact there is no threat.

A tribal warfare is manageable through security based in the highlands. Its insane when deploying PNGDF from Port Moresby.

It's peak sad time for PNG, wantok!

We are in the business of making monkeys.

How about a rehash Keith, it's been five years...

Searing polemical poetry, more relevant now than it was five years ago - KJ

Sori tumas wantok. In the paradigm you have described that currently exists in PNG, what if anything has or will change by May this year?

It's rather like a simple mathematical formula that always provides the same answer no matter when you enter it into a calculator. Keep putting the same address into a GPS navigation system and yet getting a surprise when you always arrive at the same house.

Those in PNG who are hoping for a change in direction cannot expect any change to happen unless they start using different a formulae and change GPS addresses otherwise they can’t expect any subsequent result to be any different.

It’s in essence like the proverbial old monkey trap of a coconut tied to a tree with a hole in the top just big enough for a monkey to put its hand through. Inside the coconut is a delicious and highly desirable nut as bait. When the monkey puts its hand into the coconut to grasp the nut it can't withdraw its hand with the nut in it. It won't release the nut because it wants the treat and can feel the prize within its hand.

Hence the hunter arrives to catch the monkey and the monkey looks on its eventual demise with sad eyes brought about by its own greed and lack of imagination.

You just need a smarter monkeys since there will always be many hunters just waiting to trap those unsuspecting monkeys. The trap is just a symptom of the danger and the simple bait is the evidence of how easy it is to fool a monkey every five years.

Clearly the monkeys haven’t learned the lesson and keep getting caught since no one is effectively getting rid of the greed factor that every hunter knows makes it easy to use simple greed to catch monkeys.

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