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14 December 2016


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The irony in Michael's metaphor is that a majority of Port Moresby residents have been without water for the last week.

Bit like what's happening in Australia Paul?

We're all in a ship with no rudder and a frog for a captain.

Where is Susan Merrell when you need her?

Never mind, Trump will blow us all away next year.

At what point does one measure failure? When the vessel actually sinks or when it is in imminent danger of sinking?

All I see from this report are platitudes and hyperbole. Exactly where is the leadership needed and an effective program to fix the problems set out to evaluate?

Maus wara tasol yia!

The current captains of the ship of state are hopelessly devoid of any idea of what to do. They are being advised by those they have chosen who will not rock the boat. 2017 seems destined to only promote more useless movement of the deck chairs around the deck and putting up more colourful streamers and bunting to obscure the view of the passengers and calling that progress.

Meanwhile those who are profiting from those who are taking control of the steering wheel are finding it so laughable as to how easy it has all become.

A coral reef in the distance? Hey! Who cares? Just bring on more of the same 'gris moni' and free trips overseas.

PNG is already wallowing in the mire of economic ruin and social disorientation.

There is tremendous ongoing suffering.

The reflections are found in spirituality and leadership depravity and continued crises.

This ship is sinking very slowly in deep water.

People and public resources are in the water.

But there is a long swim to the rocky coastline.

Any actions taken by political leaders now are to save as much and as many as we can.

It is the tide of humanity suffering under economic slavery, educated in depravity, festering on cultural ulcers, which will dash itself on cliffs of modernisation.

We'll see who rises from the surf and debris beyond the wall of rocks.

We need a better story of hope and determination if we expect to save our souls.

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