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20 December 2016


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So, with the lack of Institutional will or ability to redress the situation, the inevitable economic collapse might provoke the solution.

Ting ting, tasol.

The machinations involving the ITFS and the PM as chair of NEC are effectively brought into the spotlight by this article. These important issues involve the essence of the Westminster system of government which is the separation of powers. (i.e. Judiciary, Legislature and Executive).

In this particular instance, there has been an elaborate formal dance around the forum of government without anyone really digging deep and getting involved in this ‘pithy’ issue.

The reasons why the investigations never got off the ground basically relate to one central reason. The introduction of the Westminster system to PNG was never going to work due to PNG’s level of development and endemic cultural structures.

Given that the senior members of PNG’s government are effectively protected by the way they have manipulated the system, the judiciary appear hamstrung to act outside of their constitutional role. Since the Legislature has now effectively also become the Executive, there is no one who could or can operate independently under PNG’s law without being beholden to the NEC who appoints all Executive officers (Public Servants). As soon as a member of the Public Service looks like threatening the members of the NEC or their protégés, they can and have been removed from office.
If the same situation was applied in Australia there would not have been the effective prosecution of some politicians who have broken the law, been legally prosecuted and have since been gaoled.

The prosecution of Tiensten loudly rang alarm bells that were far more urgent than yet another division in PNG’s Parliament. It effectively presented the possibility that many others could and possibly should be convicted for the same reasons and under the same circumstances.

Sam Koim’s team unfortunately telegraphed their punches far too early and too effectively. The investigations into the Paraka case will presumably now never be allowed to be fully investigated.

One can only shrug one’s shoulders and postulate the old cliché of reality: ‘Pasin blo PNG tasol ia.’

The Westminster system of government does not now therefore exist in PNG. Perhaps it never really did?

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