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27 December 2016


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At the National Library where I sit down each Saturday afternoon, this story is one of the many inspirational stories that I have been giving out copies of. It is really inspirational and I see young girls have taken to heart this story. It needs to be told to the nation.

Caroline Evari you are the beam in the dark night for young women.

It is a despair of girl folks in the village and in the towns and cities where opportunities lie a plenty and they walk past it and encouraged by the act of us parents.

My beautiful sister. You have always been positive no matter what you have strive for the best ..

My sister, my family. The real stories of leaders! I salute you for your courage! Love always.

Annother amazing, determined and focused young woman!!!

Nice, Caroline. Your story is inspiratioal.

PNG Attitude today has an item by Ms Caroline Evari. Wow, another amazing achiever. Of interest to me also is Caroline's place of origin, Musa village in Oro Province.

One of my projects is obtaining a photographic record of Oro education buildings, my photos of these number well in excess of half the total infrastructure.

If Caroline has such interest in education, doubtless also for other folk in her place of origin.

Maybe Caroline might care to let me know how best to assist in gathering locations of Musa into the collection; how best to visit Musa myself, if others are not able to provide suitable photos, and to bring Musa more into the minds of a wider readership.

Caroline – you might like to contact Lindsay at

Wow, another amazing tale of a PNG woman. Good stuff Caroline.

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