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08 December 2016


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Where public funds are concerned, everyone has a right to ask questions. However, politicians in PNG seem to be creating new laws to protect themselves from public scrutiny.

Peter this very true. We need to discourage our people about the Melanesian way of respecting and treasuring leaders because it is the root cause of corruption.

At this time we need to completely do away with Melanesian way of leadership and adapt to the Western concept of leadership.

All forms of corruptions like nepotism and bribery are caused by Melanesian way of leadership.

Therefore, it need to be eradicated for the betterment of our this generation and the generations to come.

Both the sharing and the solving are essential in societies, Melanesian and the many more.

Peter leads readers to look at the sense of social unrest as folk in PNG grapple with current concerns and forging not only an externally applied system for salving but internally acceptably state-craft for solving politics more broadly than of clan and similarly of small cluster.

Where once a leader was that person seen 'from the back’ (so ahead in battle), now less reliance on previous event-craft clusters, and access to variant opinions have brought questions and concepts such as that called ‘corruption’.

While holding still to tradition of respect, question in this era is of relevance. Objective earlier was in the sharing (which seemed to heap praise on leaders) and in solving (for which a consensual lead was certainly a catalyst).

If of sharing and of solving, who in this era are the go-to persons? Ain’t just, booze-flap people.

Never a leader alone but a clan accomplishing. Now not politicians only, but citizenry voting.

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