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12 December 2016


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Believe me their billing platform has flaws. Agents are taught to lie and cover up. I did it for 5 years of my life... Biggest issue I experienced whilst there was the postpaid system and CUG. What a major headache that was, from erroneous billing, to unexplained data and SMS charges to double dipping taxes on postpaid bills. All monthly billing invoices were carefully checked before emailing to clients. A lot of credits were applied against customer accounts as reimbursement. Now with postpaid it's easy to capture the issues (sometimes). But it's another nightmare with prepaid. No wonder missing prepaid credits never get reimbursed - the CC Agents usually can't see how credits disappears and troubleshoot. They lie to pass the buck on to another agent or team and hope the customer gives up following up on their reimbursements.

Not so many mobile calls from friends in PNG? Not so many mobiles actually on to receive calls live?

While I appreciate Digicel's digital communication services and its charity, it seems prone to robbing customers of their phone credits at will. Two weeks ago I was robbed of K5 credit and last night K3.

In the first instance I was promised by customer care that K5 would be reimbursed and to this day Digicel has not done so. I am wondering will they ever reimburse the K3.

From experience they won't but I will just try and call customer care after this and register my complaint.

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