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15 December 2016


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A saying in the Lee Child book I'm reading at the moment seems to sum up Jeffrey's view of PNG's 2017 election prospects.

"Hoping for the best but preparing for the worst."

Unfortunately, a corruption free system is by its very definition, just that. There is no 'wiggle room' for exceptions. Once anyone accepts and turns a blind eye to what they know is corrupt and illegal they become complicit in allowing and accepting the status quo.

Overlay the cultural blanket of loyalty to the clan or wantok and you get the current situation where the system has been effectively broken and therefore can't be fixed because nobody really now knows how to fix it or is prepared to stand up and challenge those who are corrupting it.

The next step is to dispense with the system altogether and justify that move by saying the system is irrevocably broken and therefore needs to be done away with.

Can anyone really, realistically debate that will be the next logical move by those who are and have been manipulating the inherited system of PNG elections?

The only reason the system is still theoretically in place is to mollify those aid givers and outsiders who think they are dealing with something they are familiar with and to continue to delude those who still think the broken system can be made to work.

Sori tumas ol wantok. One only has to look at similar situations elsewhere to see how human nature inevitably follows similar patterns and ends up with similar situations.

It's a bit like parallel development in animal species. When they were separated by continental drift millions of years ago, placental mammals and marsupials both developed into much the same animals who inhabited much the same roles in much the same climates. The only ones who could escape this inevitable process were those who could fly.

Kinda reminds one of the same situation in PNG doesn't it?

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