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20 November 2016


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I know that professor Betty is a real advocator promoting gender issues in the midst of suppression by men. there is underlining issues as well as structural issues of our society that needs profane understanding and analysis of our cultures, psychology and empirical world view.

In the whole patriarchy structure of our society we view women as a passive and weaker class (biological as it basis) who have to be submissive to husbands, brothers and fathers and cannot operate and live independently. Women’s Freedom in marriage is minimal and one has to make a compromise to establish good relationship and vice versa. Bride price does not give her the freedom to exercise her rights and responsibilities as a human being independently and children are regarded as the property owned by men. The women obey this trend as normal and even rape in marriage and sexual violence is considered normal. They have being coping with this structural problems for ages.

Despite some hardships; the value of women as the producer and giver of children to increase the clan population is highly respected in the patrilineal society. In some parts of highlands, to appreciate what the woman has done to the clan constant head pay is given to her brothers and relatives to renew and maintain their friendship and marriage bond. Her brothers are important and they play an important roles in the lives and formation of her children as they should grow up without any curse. Women’s place was highly appreciated and valued but still more to be done.

In the neo contemporary culture , social change and modernization women feel the threat of violence which took different forms and meaning. They feel that they are not valued as human beings but sexual commodity and objects.

the mindset of most men needed to be changed and in order to do this we need to do psychological drill and therapy to make us men conscious of our wrongs and admit our mistakes.

Dispela toktok ia, "Yu no man, yu meri", em yumi ken sutim igo bek gen long on man save bihainim na kaikai pipia blong ol Memba, eh laka.

If you are kowtowing to your MP without question, you might as well make like a dog and spread-eagle yourself, bloody animal brains!

As a male I can tell you that when I see that kind of behaviour it appears to me that all those MP's have so many 'male-brides'.

Everything Michael said!

Especially: " One method used is to keep good men who would make real change out of the boys club".

Progress is impossible without change and those who cannot change their minds, cannot change anything - George Bernard Shaw

Currently there is Matriarchy at Divine Word University. The President of the University and a majority of the Vice-Presidents are female. Yes, it is challenging to some mindsets.

The fact is that PNG men do not want to progress.

They are happy with the status quo, particularly with their boys' clubs.

That is why all the development that happens is only surface dressing.

Nothing changes at the core of the nation because PNG men are fundamentally against improvements in gender equality which is also at the root of social equity; transparency, which would reveal the extent of the corrupt activities of these boy's clubs; good governance, which would deny them the funding, power and privileges of their boys clubs; justice, which is against male supremacy; and good leadership, which no PNG male political leader has any real intention of adhering to.

That's why they stick to the customary models - it's easier to keep control of people because they will kowtow when customary rites are called upon.

Some PNG men think that they can march into the future with those archaic and patently flawed cultural leadership values and roles in tact, while donning the modern day suit and tie of a businessman.

They are a ridiculous parody, a pathetic bunch of morons!

One method used is to keep good men who would make real change out of the boys club.

The other side of the issue is that ordinary pngians are so enamoured by the trappings provided by these boys' clubs that they continuously vote and support these sorry bastards back into power.

Once the big boys are in place in government, the rest of the boys' club is assembled, from the parliament to the public hospitals to the public toilets.

PNG development is a continual cock-up and everything planned seems to go balls-up because of the damned male egos trying to maintain the status quo.

There is no other excuse.

If we wanted to have change we would have it. Clearly we do not.

I can remember seeing the Isago longhouse in 1970 Betty. A few years later and it was gone. Unfortunately the customs related to women remained.

It is not just in the attitudes to women and leadership where old customs, once seen as good, clash with modern needs.

The idea of consensus in village politics doesn't work in the modern situation either. There are other things as well.

It is an unfortunate fact that if PNG wants to progress it is going to have to abandon what were once good traditions.

The traditions regarding women should be one of the first to go.

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