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12 November 2016


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Appreciate the encouraging words Leo Malala. You can download my three books from PNG Attitude.

I'll probably send one or two of my poems from my new collection 'Silent Thoughts: Poetry & Prose' (almost complete) for PNG Attitude readers.

And thank you Bruce. Keep the literary fire burning!

Jordan Dean is a writer and poet in his own right. He has established a reputation for himself through his self published books.

You can hear his unique voice in his writing as his literary works show originality and consistency.

I consider myself fortunate to be assisted by Jordan Dean when helped publish my book 'Poetry is Therapy: Life beyond the Dark Clouds' without charging a fee.

Thank you Jordan.

Your are an upcoming motivating factor behind the scenes of literature in PNG. Keep writing & publish more to motivate more PNGeans to become writers.

I have been motivated to write by another PNG writer & lately have contributed few poems to PNG Attitude. You can do the same through your books as well as encouraging people to write. It is your motivation that will bring out hidden talents in PNG.

I would like to read some of your prints but don't have it in stock. Have one or two of your poems in PNG Attitude,

Thanks gentlemen. It's all about the passion. I am also asked to be on the Committee for the APEC Writers/Book Fair. This will be a big event when writers from 22 countries meet in 2018. Still discussing with John Kasaipwalova and the team. I'll probably write an article about it later.

Incredibly inspiring and motivating for a self-taught writer like me. It's marvellous. You've soared like an eagle beyond the haze of poetry. Keep the poetry passion and flames burning.

Jordan, you have beaten some of us it seems.

Looking forward to reading excerpts and the review of your books on PNG Attitude soon.

Good one.

Dean, that's brillig!

Those slithy toves will gyre and gimble in the wabe!


I've asked Phil to put the soft copy on my books on PNG Attitude for readers who are interested to download free of charge.

Ed Brumby is currently reviewing Jordan's books Michael.

Should be on PNG Attitude shortly.

That's very commendable Jordan. Well done.

Do the readers of this blog get a preview of your work or do we just have to buy the books?

How about some excerpts from your short stories to spark some interest?

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