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01 November 2016


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The sad reality is plainly mentioned in this article. The National Government nor Education department nor donor aids meant for purchasing books for schools in PNG.

Three quarters of Primary schools in PNG are with out library and Reading books. The kids are not taught how to appreciate reading books. The trend is a growing culture and it continued into High and secondary schools.

Hardly no student will walk around in a school campus will a reading book or either sits in a library to read a book. The buying and reading of book culture in PNG is dying out.

The end result of student achievement is very limited and half baked.

“Is the PNG government’s object to keep a large section of the population in ignorance and thereby retain greater control?”
Who’s to know? The Wikileaks documents have revealed a lot of interesting things. Like President Obama and Hillary Clinton advisor, John Podesta, admitting how they “conspire to produce an unaware and compliant citizenry.”

Indubitably, Michael



Or were those rhetorical questions, Paul?

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