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29 November 2016


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A good illustration on the positive side of that allusion, Robin.

Well said, Francis. Possibly some of the best work done by the many you eulogise is now happening in spite of the apparent dysfunction of the nation.

Your allusions to manure remind me of my childhood memories of the farm. For some years, the pasture harrow was the practical method of breaking up the "patties" left by the cattle.

Left undisturbed, the grass would become rank and somewhat distasteful. In the dairy yards, the accumulation would create large heaps needful of dispersion.

Eventually the invention of the manure spreader allowed the collection and management process to result in a liquid solution able to be sprayed on pasture to promote a more rapid growth and replacement of green feed.

So you see, the green feed being the means (true men and women of PNG) by which the good milk is produced is often the better for having first been immersed in effluvium; in this case, the catalyst (cattle-ist, ha!) for greater production.

Wonderful! You certainly captured the story - how more Aussies fell in love with the Fuzzy-Wuzzies!

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